Driftwood Mirror Update

I've been dragging my feet when it comes to my driftwood mirror project. I first started talking about it back in May, which feels like an eternity ago!

If you take a look back, you'll see that I salvaged one of my old mirrors from its' broken frame and glued it onto a new piece of plywood with enough of a border to do something creative. I decided on driftwood and purchased 100 real driftwood pieces from the Etsy shop Driftwood Amour.

The project turned out to be a bit of a challenge since the pieces are so small and it's like a puzzle trying to completely cover the plywood. I may have to order more pieces to finish the project, and then I'm going to have to figure out how to hang it - I anticipate it being pretty heavy.

Anyway here is the progress. Stay tuned, I might finish it... possibly by next May.

Happy Hump Day!

~ Alicia


  1. Stick with it!! I love this idea so much; it's going to be gorgeous!!!


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