Bathroom Humor

Decorating small spaces can be a challenge, especially a small bathroom. Upon moving into the new place, I made the mistake of buying a dark gray shower curtain that I thought it would look chic, but when in reality it made the small bathroom... feel even smaller.

After switching it out for something more light and airy, I knew I was on the right track to achieving the calming bathroom of my dreams.

I combined a few decor favorites from my last apartment and added a few new things too:
  • Shower curtain (already mentioned above)
  • Two bathmats, one for in front of the tub and another for in front of the sink. (Tootsies on the cold tile is not fun)
  • Silver magnifying mirror
  • Qtip holder in a vibrant blue glass
  • Blue wooden frame for art

The blue frame hung vacant for a while as I searched for something worthy. I thought about creating something myself to match the coastal decor I already had going on - a framed postcard from a trip to Nantucket, a glass vase filled with the remains of my smashed terrarium, and a couple other odds and ends. 

But it wasn't until I stumbled across this image on Etsy that I knew I'd found the winner, and surprisingly it had nothing to do with the ocean. 

It's a print of the 1891 patent for toilet paper! Not only is it funny (in my opinion), it's also interesting (also my opinion). I opted for the parchment paper look and purchased from Etsy's Patent Prints for $7.00. The print now happily resides in the blue frame above the toilet - which hopefully amuses our guests as much as it amuses me. 

Renting = outdated wooden vanity 

If you've done something unexpected and quirky in your bathroom or home I would love to hear more about it. Feel free to comment or reach out.
Have a great weekend!

~ Alicia 


  1. Omgosh I love that picture!! Seeing that in my bathroom every day would put a happy smirk on my face. I'm going to have to browse for something similar to copy this idea!


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