Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

In this case, my mirror is on the floor...

I bought this mirror seven years ago at TJ Max. Initially it was hung over my long dresser (in my first Boston apartment) as an every day make-up/getting ready mirror. But in my last apartment, my bedroom had wainscoting around the entire room, and hanging it on the wall wasn't an option. Instead, I leaned it against a wall while it sat on top of my hamper. 

Needless to say it fell between the wall and the hamper a few times (okay, a lot of times) and the frame surrounding the mirror started to break. I almost threw the mirror out but decided to hold onto it just in case I could revive it with a little DIY.

Fast forward a few months and I've brainstormed a couple ideas for how I could revive this baby. One option would be to border the mirror with small tiles. Of course, I thought varying shades of blue would be pretty.

I was also thinking that it could be pretty to line the mirror with corks. My boyfriend and I love to drink wine and save as many corks as possible - especially ones from relationship milestones. 

But after yanking the mirror out of it's old frame (there was a TON of glue), I decided to go in a different direction entirely. I'm thinking something more in tune with nature and the ocean... driftwood. I'm most excited about this concept, which tells me that this is the one I should move forward with. Here are a few of my inspiration pictures:

I'm going to have to track down the wood that I'll use for this project. I'm thinking I may have seen wood for projects like this at Michael's, or JoAnn's. If not, I know I can purchase wood on Etsy from Driftwood Amour. I just glued the mirror on my piece of plywood today. I plan on letting it set on a flat surface for a good 24 hours before tilting it.

I have the perfect spot for the new and improved mirror. I'll post pictures once it's finished!

~ Alicia

Image Source: Pinterest


  1. I LOVE this idea!! And I love your new blog!! I can't wait to see the mirror when it's finished!

    1. Working part time has made it difficult to finish this project. I need to buckle down, finish it, and then post.

  2. Oh I looooove the driftwood idea!! It will look amazing!

    1. Thanks, Joan! I could totally see a project like this looking good in your house as well.


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