Moving Is The Pits


It was a sad day when I said goodbye to my Charlestown apartment on Auburn Street last Friday. Granted, I had only lived there for 5 months and was simply renting, but I took the time to paint my bedroom walls a deep, moody grey and even touched up the white trim throughout. Basically, I styled it to my taste despite the fact that I knew I wouldn't be there forever.
Well, now I'm over on Warren Street in Charlestown and there is SO MUCH work to be done. Below is what one room in the apartment looked like after the movers departed. I get anxiety just looking at the picture!

Fast forward six days and things are looking much more 'put together'. I tackled ironing and hemming the new curtains for our living room last night. I bought a six pack of Harpoon Summer on my way home from work to help me power through the task. I'll post pictures of the before/during/after once I get all six panels done. It's more tedious than one would think.

P.S. I finally ordered driftwood pieces on Etsy for my mirror project. I'll be sure to provide an update as soon as it is complete!

~ Alicia


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