Organizing Design Ideas

Something you should know about me - organization is my middle name. Or at least I strive for it to be.

There are lots of great programs out there for saving design inspiration ideas and DIY how-to's. I save my inspiration ideas to Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy, Ollioboard and Evernote most often. Plus, I have a RSS reader to access all of my favorite blogs on a daily basis (sanity breaks at work).

But what about saving ideas from that old fashioned thing called a magazine?!

Personally, I still love the feeling of those glossy pages in between my fingers, especially if I'm browsing through the pages while lounging on the beach. I usually have 2-3 magazines living on the coffee table at any given time so that company can peruse them while visiting (and myself for likely the fifth time).

My favorite design magazines are Coastal Living (of course), Real Simple, HGTV, and Better Homes & Gardens. I save my favorite ideas by tearing out the page from the magazine and storing it in a binder for later reference. All you need is: a binder, plastic pocket pages (clear), and dividers to separate ideas for different parts of your home/outdoor space/garden.

I recently put together a design inspiration binder for a family who is building a home in Vermont. I've worked for this family for years. Stephanie, the wife and mother of three is my organization inspiration in so many ways - her home is immaculate. Stephanie has already started folders for each room in the new house, so all I had to do was transfer them into a new binder.

Stephanie likes to write directly on the magazine page, circling ideas/products that stand out to her. I personally like to attach a post it to the page so that I have ample room if I'm being descriptive about what caught my eye. Really, it's whatever works for you!

~ Alicia


  1. This is a great idea! I love those magazines. I've been taking pics with my phone as I read them and see things that I like - but then my pics get lost with the other 500 pictures in my phone and I forget about them! Last night I was looking at old pictures of Afton and I found a bathroom organizing article I had meant to put into practice and completely forgot about! Lol I love your idea of having separate sections in the binder for different rooms in the house. I am doing this!!


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