Artist Spotlight: Gray Malin

A couple weeks ago, I posted this image from Instagram. I was loving the layout, colors and sea inspired theme. I'm still just as in love with it.

What many of you may, or may not have realized is that the framed pieces are all from a single photographer - Gray Malin.

I only recently discovered this photographer and have since been completely captivated by his destination shoots. Something that caught my attention on his website was a quote about his approach to photography - "Capturing a moment you want to live within."

Well I certainly want to live within his art! Owning one of his prints, let alone multiple, is certainly not something I can afford at this point in my life. But window shopping never hurt anyone, right?

Here are some of my favorites from his various collections (links provided). Swoon away!

~ Alicia

Aqua Glam Collection

Greek Isles Collection

 A' La Plage Collection


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