It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

It's probably not surprising that I LOVE decorating for the holidays. I have an obsession with Christmas trees, the more lights the better. I have one thousand lights on my 6ft tree this year (10 stands).

I'm pretty traditional when it comes to Christmas decorating though; choosing to stick with reds, greens, silver and gold.

While I do incorporate coastal and nautical tree ornaments, I don't typically decorate within my favorite color pallet of blue. But this could always change, maybe I'll develop an extreme love for snowflakes and snowmen someday.

Sorry for the blurriness

You can't tell from this picture, but I have a red glittery lobster, red sailboat, sand dollar and sea turtle ornaments on the tree. I love collecting ornaments from vacations and try to purchase red versions if possible. I think the pop of red on the tree is just so striking. I'm also a big fan of glass icicles. 

The custom stockings were a new purchase from the Etsy shop, Terrapin Knits. They're 100% wool and made by hand on a hand-powered knitting loom. I love their classic, fair isle design.

My new project this year was taking a chalkboard painted canvas hanging in my kitchen (I made this a while back), and drew a holiday greeting with chalk markers. I got the inspiration from Pinterest. As you can see, I made a play on a Christmas tree... because I have an obsession with Christmas

Merry, merry!

~ Alicia   


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