Creating My Own Triptych Art

I finally have art above the bed! 

After nixing the too feminine hydrangeas that hung above the bed in my previous apartment, I decided on hanging a triptych art/photography display (three separate panels that create one piece of art). Buying canvased art in this format can get expensive - so I decided to create my own!

I knew I was searching for something coastal-inspired, but in a high resolution format. Unfortunately, iPhone pictures can look blurry if you're blowing it up to an 11x14 like I wanted. So I purchased the lighthouse/sailing photograph below from Thinkstock, and then pulled it into Photoshop to make my desired adjustments.

While I love the sunset blues and oranges in the photograph (Go Gators!), I knew I wanted black and white for my bedroom. To achieve this, I desaturated the image and then adjusted the levels to get the perfect amount of white vs. black. I wanted it to POP with silhouettes rather than be grey-scale. 

Using Photoshop's rulers, I cropped the panoramic image into three even sections and saved each image as its own file. Then I used Mpix to order high quality prints on metallic paper. (I received the metallic paper recommendation from a friend and am so glad I went with it.) 

The prints only took a few days to arrive by mail, and I popped them into the already hanging frames as soon as I got home. 

The B&W photographs feel so much more crisp and classic paired with my white studded headboard and silver side table lamps. I'm obsessed with the new look!

~ Alicia 

P.S. I would love to replace or display my own photographs at some point, but for now someone else's photography is just fine.


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