Instagram Goodness

Every once in a while you come across something on Instagram, Pinterest, or Etsy that just SPEAKS to you! I Pin and save design ideas almost daily, but most ideas are just that - ideas.

With that said, I would love to copy the design idea below EXACTLY. Not only do I love the color scheme (neutral with pops of blues and greens), but the beach theme is completely up my alley (no secret there). I'm also a big fan of hanging art that is a mix of both personal pictures and landscapes.

I think a wall full of pictures of people is a little too "1990's hallway", if you know what I'm sayin'.

With the move coming up, two weeks and counting, I'm already strategizing how I can replicate this look.

~ Alicia


  1. Oh wow I love this!! I love coastal looks too - as you know from my house! Lol And I sooo agree about the 90's hallway look when you have a gillion family pics! Lol!


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